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Posters and Research Demonstrations

Posters and Research Demonstrations provide an excellent opportunity to show late-breaking results and to discuss the results with the conference participants. Interactive communication and demonstration will be the most exciting and powerful presentation. Posters: All types of work in software engineering can be presented effectively using posters during the conference. Display space will be provided in the poster and research demonstration room. A description of each poster will appear in the proceedings for posters and research demonstrations.

Research Demonstrations: Research demonstrations are intended to show early implementation of novel software engineering concepts. Research demonstrations will be scheduled into blocks of time for demonstration. In addition, a booth will be provided in the poster and research demonstration room to allow informal demonstrations throughout the conference. A description of each research demonstration will appear in the proceedings for research demonstrations. We consider any system which is at least six months away from appearing in a commercial product as a "research system". Commercial systems will not be accepted as research demonstrations.

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